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About Gateway Goth Events

Hello there and welcome to the patreon for STL goth events.

With any money you pledge you will be helping fund bigger, better, and more events like Goths at the Zoo!  If you had fun there, imagine how much fun you would have at a giant halloween themed warehouse party?  Or if we were renting out the City Museum?  Maybe even Six Flags if we get enough for funding!  So by pitching in, you are helping me dedicate more of my time and helping me contribute to this ambitious project in creating space and opportunities for like-minded people!

What I mean by opportunities: So by putting together events I will be able offer gigs to bands, DJs, artists and vendors thereby enriching the community which I very much would like to do!

Creating Space:  As you probably already know, society loves to mock anything different or at least doesn't try to understand.  These events will be a great place to meet like-minded individuals whilst enjoying good music, dance and likely see/buy some cool work by local artists!

What I am organizing: Art/vending fairs, Meet-ups, tours, social gatherings and miscellaneous other events. In the future, I'd love to organize musical events and larger scale festivals.

Why support me? If you support me I will dedicate as much of my time as possible to building a place for us.  I want to keep things exciting, I want to bring in more people!  I want to eventually make St. Louis a culture hub for us darkly inclined types.  If that means making a U.S. WGT I want to do it!  So by supporting me we may be able to!  I'd love to eventually expand to organizing for Southern Illinois and not just STL!
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At $250 I will be able to rent out small spaces and hire help for shows or events.
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