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Gd's utmost Eternal Gratitude! :-) 

With this Tier comes a complimentary 10% off any service of your choice (most of Gd's services are located in her Bonanza Booth and custom orders are also available).

This Tier also includes the following:

As always, she does periodic distant healing sessions for all her customers (friends ;-) !!!

You will receive at least one blast healing session once a month. Depending on the energies of the month, you might receive more and will be notified accordingly.

Get Exclusive Updates into Gd's Monthly Calendar regarding Webinars, Classes & Live Streams so You Can Take Full Advantage of Limited Availability.

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You shall receive all the perks of Tier 1, as well as DAILY READINGS. 

Depending on the energies, Daily Readings may consist of angel oracle, tarot, runic, numerology, astrology, mediumship, dowsing, automatic writing or any other type of reading which has the power to give you serenity and insight into your day. They may have to do with love, relationships of all sorts, career and/or life in general. They are a thorough, informative resource. 

Gd's utmost Eternal Gratitude! :-) 

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You shall receive all the perks of Tiers 1 and 2, as well as Bi-Weekly Readings. 

When you work with the same Spiritual Advisor on a regular basis, you build a soul bond that strengthens the powers, connections and ties to your relationship. Routine readings help you build on your successful insights and purchasing subscription packages gives you amazing savings! :-) 

These Bi-Weekly Readings will most likely be launched every New and Full Moon so that you take advantage of the resources available to you in order to bring your goals and intentions to fruition. 

 Gd's utmost Eternal Gratitude! :-) 



About GdConscience

Gd is a Reader, Healer and Teacher with a following on many online spiritual platforms such as Oranum, Psychic Oz, Bitwine and others. Through her psychic abilities and gift of healing, she has taught hundreds of people by way of various modalities and techniques how to develop their own intuitive insight and psychic enlightenment. Her spiritual practices vary and her service to others is paramount.

She believes that there are many paths toward enlightenment. She has a keen sense of the super-consciousness and specializes in connecting with an individual's inherent gifts on a one-one-one basis, 

Gd helps people take control of their health, happiness and well being. By hosting individual private sessions, informational videos and live streams on everything from nutrition to dream analysis, she helps people tap into their own magical manifestation powers so that they transform their realities. 

On some of her platforms, she gives life coaches, yoga teachers and laypeople alike, forums to share themselves and information with the world. She believes that when everyone helps each other get in touch with their own awakened awareness, the healing energy is attuned. 

Discussions are not limited to alchemy, Kundalini awakening, quantum and alternate reality, tantra, karmic awareness, as well as piercing through blockages, old conditioning and dissolving boundaries...when these topics (and many more) are brought to light, shifts in consciousness are brought about, and the necessary raise of vibration needed for spiritual purification is achieved.

Spiritual work is working consciously and mindfully on changing your disposition towards a more kinder, virtuous one. However, in order to take action, one has to believe before they can manifest...then come the winds of change. Open minded self-reflection with a Spiritual Practitioner, such as GdConscience, make this possibility become a reality.

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude with embraced compassion is key.

By becoming her Patreon, you will help her reach more people with her positive message of magical manifestation and help humanity grow spiritually through universal love and light.
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As requested by many clients with whom Gd works with, she has been called to become a certified hypnotherapist. These credentials would be an added benefit to the degree and certifications she already holds. She has had extensive discussions with the Dr of this school and feels privileged to have the opportunity to attend.

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