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5) Supporter only exclusive builds for table top war game terrain.

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About Chris

Hello and welcome to "The Geek Depot" Patreon page. The Geek Depot started out a few years ago as my EBay Store name back when I was dealing in comic books and related collectables. I have recently revived and expanded beyond comic books to a couple of my other favorite geeky past times; Battletech, Warhammer 40K, and Magic the Gathering.

While my 40K activities has lessoned over the last year, I am still strong with Battletech and Magic the Gathering. With The Geek Depot I want to create a place where I can sell some of my table top war game terrain creations for Battletech. I am currently designing and 3D printing my own Battletech Urban terrain with various buildings and other items.

With Magic the Gathering I am collecting specific cards from each set or types of cards. To do so I am cracking open a lot of booster packs, boxes, and even cases. I hope to livestream these openings to supporters. And in doing so I want to give my supporters first chance to buy any cards I open that I do not need or want... which is usually a lot.

Yes, I know... this is basically a store looking for people to give me money for "nothing". In a way, yes it is. But I do not intend this to be the primary source of income. I am thinking of this more as the place where people who want to get the first chance at stuff I will be selling can come. Get the items directly from me quicker instead of going through a different website. And I plan on offering some exclusives thru this site if you are a Battletech player. Maybe I can create something special for supporters only. And I will be open to any input or suggestions from anyone willing to help support this project of mine. 

Thank you for taking the time to check this out and for any support you can give.


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When we reach this goal I will start doing a live stream of a booster box opening for supporters only.
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