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About Geek Unleashed

Geek Unleashed began as a calling for me. I wanted to create a sanctuary for fans of the multitude of geek culture. I wanted a place where all geeks could come together and share their loves with others without feeling ashamed of their passions. Geek Unleashed is a place everyone can celebrate their fandoms with others.

When we launched Geek Unleashed in August 2017, we primarily reviewed board games and tabletop roleplaying games. Due to lack of time and resources, we took a hiatus to reevaluate what exactly we wanted from Geek Unleashed.

We want to create content with fandom in mind to discuss our passions with other fans across the world. We are planning various forms of content including Livestreams (both tabletop and video games), Podcasts, and Articles. 

Geek Unleashed is currently managed by a staff of two. Full time careers and other obligations hinder our time and the resources needed to reach our goal.

Your patronage will allow us to:
  • bring on additional staff to assist with more content.
  • produce additional shows with higher production value.
  • pay outside writers to contribute articles.
  • create promotional material.
  • host more giveaways. 

In addition to unlocking more shows, for your enjoyment, you'll also get new ways to interact with us. Access to discord channels, exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, and monthly Q&A's are just a few examples. Not only will you help Geek Unleashed grow, but you will be helping an entire community grow as well.

Remember: your opinion matters. We will look closely at what is and is not working and will adjust as we go. Tier awards will improve over time. Livestream and podcast content will be cycled through in seasons. We welcome your feedback and suggestions since your contributions are making this happen!

If you have a product you would like for us to test and review, we will be more than happy to. Contact us and let’s have a discussion! Geek Unleashed enjoys showcasing geeky things so if you have a game you would like to show off or if you would like to talk about what you created for this world, we can do that too! Let's talk!

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