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$1 Tier Gets you every episode Ad-Free. Each After 9, a Patron Exclusive podcast that's too hot for the main feed. Also, you get to send us a question or any topic for us to discuss in-depth on a GV Episode. Early Episodes. Plus behind the scenes of GV, sneak peeks, and more! Audio & Video Episodes

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$5 Exclusive Commentary Tracks Ad-Free. Access To Every Early Episode. Plus everything that comes with the $1

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At $25 You chose any film you want us to Review or provide a Commentary Track to! As well as all those $1/$5 Tier Goodies. We also will include a printed 11x17 copy of our Ultimate Alliance stream poster, featuring Taylor, Dylan, Kirklin, and Travis spliced together with famous Marvel characters! 

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- Printed Poster only available to our Patrons in Canada/United States.



About GeekVerse Podcast

The GeekVerse has been running for over 4 years with no intent on stopping anytime soon! With such a large and amazing fanbase that continues to grow, we can't thank you all enough for your dedicated support to GeekVerse and each of our spin off shows!

We still cant believe the point we have reached with all this content for you guys. With our fan base consistently growing, our goal is to keep on growing with you all! The Gv Crew being on Patreon is all about improving the GeekVerse and it's content so you get bigger and better podcasts every week! 

Things We'd Do With your Help

- New Shows + An Exclusive Patreon Show
- Water For Our Lovely Throats
- More Episodes For Our Current Shows
- Taylor Therapy Bills
- More Video Streaming
- GeekVerse Drone
- Better Audio and Video Quality
- Income For When Marvel's Not Paying Us
- More Specials
- And Much More Top Secret "Have To Kill You If We Told You" Stuff! 

We know asking for your hard earned cheddar is a big commitment. You are trusting us with money out of your own pocket to provide entertainment and that is exactly what we intend to do. With you backing and supporting us, now more than ever, we are focused on becoming the best podcast available! Using new gear that was provided by none other then you the fans, our dream of delivering you high quality content has never been more real!

Above all though, we are just like you, fans. That's how we started and that's how we're going to stay. No matter how big our egos get! So whether it's a dollar to a hundred, or a simple play. You're helping us and we couldn't be anymore thankful that we have you! 

With your support, we can continue to improve and provide this great service. Let's be honest, go check out all our past podcasts, this is a great stuff.

There is so much that has yet to be explored in the Geekverse and we're excited to see how far we can go with your help!

Finally the GeekVerse and current spin off shows will all be able to be acquired for free when there scheduled to be released. Either go to the top of our page for the video or head over to our links and give us a listen. Then come back here and give us some pocket change or we'll have to beat an old lady with a stick for her wallet just to carry on. 

See you in the Search Bar!

The GeekVerse Crew

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Our goal is to continue to improve for our growing audience. Not only would we be able to improve all our audio and video needs to create a better experience for you the fans, we could create more spin off shows. Plus an exclusive spin off show for our patreon supporters!
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