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About GeekZone

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Hello friends! As most of you are aware, I create Lore videos where we explore Middle-Earth's rich history together!

These videos usually take quite a few days to make, and Youtube is currently demonitising my videos shortly after they're published which is where a signficant amount of my revenue comes from.
Through patreon, I hope to upgrade my current equipment, build a sound proof studio, hire an editor, and commission Lord of the Rings Art for my channel! 

I want to dedicate more time to my videos, and keep improving for you all, as I'd really love to deliver the ultimate package of Lord of the Rings Lore while building one incredible community!

$87 of $300 per month
This investment will go towards a microphone upgrade; I was looking to get the Electro Voice RE320 which should provide quite a leap in quality!
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