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Hello I'm SnickleFritz. But you can call me Fritz. I am an aspiring noobtuber that wants to build a gaming community that can come together to talk about anything & everything Geek Culture related. As well as, I hope, put out some fun & entertaining videos out. So if you feel being a part of something brand new & have the want deep inside to support the channel as it grows. Then feel free to lend a hand. Any support, be it kinda words to a kind donations, is extremely helpful. As it would be going towards equipment to create better content for the channel. (As well as thank you gifts to any supporters and subscribers we get along this long road.) Look at that, you stayed to read all this. :D <3 Thank you so much for possibly considering to support the channel and as always...Stay Classy. 
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For the first goal I am setting it for 1000.00 (Not per month. I don't know how to change that per month label. Sorry. ) But that's for the overall total goal to reach. No matter how long it takes. I felt it was good amount to cover for a starter gaming desktop with monitor. My old laptop will definitely cut it for now but upgrading to a better pc to create and edit videos would be amazing. Also it would allow me to start playing PC games for the channel. I'll be of course saving my own cash, as well, slowly towards this goal. Thanks for any help given towards this goal and as always Stay Classy.
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