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Some people will say this ain't much, but I say as little of a pledge as this alone is enough to secure a special place in my heart <3

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Time for me to start giving back a little - actually, I'm more of a tea drinker!

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About Geistbox / Plumegeist

Hi everyone! You might know of me under several of my other names -
Geistbox, the general pseudonym for my artistic endeavors.
Plumegeist, the name of my solo music project.
If you aren't familiar with either, you can find my artwork at twitter and pixiv, or my music work at bandcampsoundcloud, and youtube - including updates on my aforementioned twitter.

However, since you've made it to this page, you probably know what it is I do - I love creating and putting work out there, but I also have to live to be able to do so! This Patreon would help me cover multiple expenses and ease into being able to live off of the material I make, hopefully allowing me to put more time into personal projects and offer even more back to you; the viewer/listener.

With that all being said if you've found this page, you probably know that I haven't made too big of a deal of that just yet. For the time being I'll be leaving this Patreon open as a tip jar for my works. In the near future, I'll be offering incentives to pledge!
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This is a variable goal - if I make it here I will open up tiers and incentives early. 
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