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This is a great way to show support for the mods I have created. You will get my most sincere  "Thank You".
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Any mods that I own you will get your name (of choice) in the mod credits. This shows that you really enjoy the mods ,and I want to make sure you get some credit for helping me do what I love.




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About GenDeathrow

My name is Ken, more commonly known as GenDeathrow. I dedicate almost my entire free time to taking care of my year old daughter, but when I am not doing that. I am working on the Minecraft Mods ,including  the Enviromine Mod as a Assistant Programmer. I do this because its something I really enjoy. I have always programmed and is something I find incredibly enjoyable. And for the fist time, I was able to help create something that other people could enjoy. I hope that this wont stop, as I have a few ideas for my next mod projects. I would appreciate any bit of donations (including nothing) you are willing to give and would like to say thank you.

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