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is creating Documentaries about Video Game History
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About Greg Sewart

When I started Generation 16 just over two years ago, it was only meant to be a series of short-form reviews of classic Genesis games. A way to show my love for the system that took the 90s by storm and shook up the established market. Basically, I just wanted an excuse to revisit my old game library. 

Along the way the series has evolved into something more. With Generation 16 I strive to give viewers a glimpse into the history of the 16-bit console war from the Sega perspective, both through investigating the games released on the system as well as the events surrounding them in chronological order. 

Every game has a story, and I'm doing my best to bring that to each and every episode. Increasingly that has meant reaching out to people who actually worked on these games and getting some personal stories about their development. 

Generation 16 has always been free, and will remain free. I'm not doing this for money. That being said, however, making this series the best it can be does require a fair amount of work and funding. Each episode takes 6-8 weeks of production time. Your dollars would go toward taking the sting out of that production time. Consider it as tipping for a job well done. 

Along with the sheer time commitment, I would really love to improve the show by purchasing the various peripherals and alternate consoles Sega released during the 90s for their inclusion in future episodes. 

Other upcoming costs would be better editing equipment and a computer that can render each episode in somewhere less than the 8 hours it currently takes. 

I'm asking for funding on per episode basis, which means approximately once every two months. But, just to be safe, Patreon allows you to limit your contributions per month, so if I suddenly manage to produce multiple episodes per month you won't be stuck with a huge bill!

All Patrons will be included in the credits of future episodes. Additionally, I'll be giving anyone who donates $5 or more per episode early access to each new episode. 

This is my passion, and I'm happy to do it just for the sake of it. But I hope you like what you see enough to donate a bit of money to the cause. 


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