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About GenoXCaust

Welcome to my patreon! My name is Geno, or Veronica, as some of you may know me. This is my story!

The Vision

The Game Box came to me after my most recent illness took hold, and I was unable to work for a long period of time due to how sick I was, and still sort of am. You see, I have a type of ocular rosacea, (more info here: )which got sever enough along with my silly meddling that caused me to have permanent eye damage. The condition is reoccurring and as far as I know, incurable. So, rather then looking for work to battle through this illness, I've decided to start my own business where I know I can take the time to be away if I need it, or dedicate to my family. 

The Game Box, I feel like, is something personal for me. Its something I can hold dear and share with others, something they can hold onto and feel like could also be their own. I want to create a community where people can feel at home when they game, a place that's good for not only myself, but for others as well. My hope, my wish, and my dream, is that through patreon, through twitch, and discord, I can make this a reality. Its always been my dream ever since I was younger to bring people together through video games, to make a home for those who might not have one. 

Thats why I call it "The Game Box" its an amalgamation of different things, bundled up into a wonderful present. People from all walks of life, coming together to share their experience and to create a community.

This kind of community is something I adored, but was unable to truly find when I was younger. I would hop from guild to guild, feeling detached, or like I felt at home, but that nobody was really spending time with one another. Of course drama also would raise its ugly head sometimes, and break that apart, or make me feel like I couldn't be a part of anymore. Ever since then I've wanted to make something like this place. 

My History

I was born July the 5th 1994, in Santa Barbara California, just a stones throw away from Los Angeles. If you've never been there, go, its beautiful. Some days I miss it so much it hurts. I lived in California (moving from the LA area to the Palm Springs area when I was about 7 or 8) until I was about 10 and a half or so. 

My passion for video games started when my mother bought me the PS2, and some of the very best games I've ever played, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper. Man, I don't care if I get shit for not being an old school gamer, but god did I truly adore those games. I played them for hours and hours, and while I might be looking through nostalgia goggles when I think about them, they really did have clear goals, good progression, and a half decent story to boot. 

Until they got stolen when we moved :/

After that, along with my mother being pretty adamant about not getting me more video games, I moved over to the currently emerging "free to play pc games" market. Here I spent years playing a game called Last Chaos, where I met truly wonderful lifelong friends. We don't talk often, but I know that I think of them, and wish them so very well. 

One friend in particular, Woodsey, got me into my next gaming craze- Dungeon Fighter Online, run at the time by Nexon America... Now, if you know anything about Nexon America, its that they suck ass(personal opinion) and in 2013 they shut down Dungeon Fighter Online, as it was. This game, along with Gaia Online (rest in pieces gaia, your market will forever be dead) and their mini-mmo zomg, spurred me to wanting to become a game designer. It fit with my goals for bringing people together with something I loved, and I had grand intentions of becoming a designer at one of these companies, that was until I dropped out of college and my life started really taking the tube. 

Since 2014 my life has been spent attempting to work, getting sick, and no longer being able to work for an amalgamation of reasons. This culminated when i got extremely sick at my last job, had to call in, which essentially got me fired, and there was nothing I could do about it, then, my ocular rosacea came into full and I was basically grounded from late january 2018 until late May of the same year. 

Being the persistent e-girl I am, I knew I couldn't give up so easily! While I may not have any particular skillz I know that I've got 10 years of accumulated community management behind me and a dream that isn't just for me, its for others as well. I hope that, through my success, I can help others achieve their dreams, I'm terribly corny like that. 

My view on things like this, on things like patreon, is that one needs to work, and put in true effort in order to be able to even consider asking for someones money. I hope, that, someday, I can work hard enough either entertaining you, or building this community for YOU, so that I can earn that trust. 

I hope that some day, you can trust that if you donate to me, if you subscribe to me, that I'm fulfilling the intentions you have for me with your hard earned money. 


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This money will go towards buying a better PC. This allows me to play more relevant content, rather then trying to find a niche title that will work with my potato. It also allows me to have multiple screens so I can interact with you all easily.

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