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is creating Videos to teach Young Men how to not be Useless

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Gentlemen of Action (GOA) was founded by the Self Proclaimed "OG" (Original Gentleman) Armando Cuervo to help young Millennial men "not be useless" and Re-learn the lost arts of:

- Financial literacy
- Critical Thinking
- Personal Responsibility
..... Gentleman Style!

GOA's mission is to instill the principles of Identity, Initiative and Integrity (3 I's) while also teaching skills to help the struggling every-man be a more successful "Gentleman."
GOA strives to improve all men of the Millennial generation to become more capable, confident and honorable while combating the stereotypes that have been made against them.

I have witnessed that his generation is made up of unambitious sissies who seem to have lost the ways of the traditional gentleman and grown to be slobbish, lazy and outright indifference.

At this stage of my life, I now know that my passions are public speaking, teaching confidence and financial freedom. I am in need of all the support I can get from Like-Minded Men (and Women) who desire to be Better and look to constantly improve.

If you agree with my ideals and/or wish to grow along with me. Give me a Like, Subscribe or Pledge. I value your time and effort and I'll look to honor your support!

- Armando Cuervo
"The Original Gentleman"
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Create a Workable Website (A home away from Social Media)

My goal is to have a working Website within 2 months of reaching this goal (preferrably by October 2018) in order to have a Home outside of the Social Media Sphere.

The issue with being on Social Media is that it is "Rented Property" and it can be taken away at anytime.

Help get me to the first milestone to create for us a "Home away from the Social Media Sphere."

My ultimate goal is to be able to be Financially independent with this Pet Project, though let's start with some "Baby Steps" first and have an obtainable Goal!
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