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Welcome to my universe dear patrons! Dive deep into my worlds of cyberpunk,post-apocalypse, and golden age!
In first world that i am creating people lives in many connected short stories that i am yet to publish. This world is somewhere in future in neo cyberpunk when people are trying to solve social and religious problems try to find they're love and promised place in sometimes harsh and injustice enviroment.
The second world is about obsolete attempt to match social groups of people, the revolutionary cure was made to understand each other to make people more tolerant to each other but they failed, and experiment goes terribly wrong..(as always) 
Next world is silent and dark interval leading, last world of golden age in which some entities visit earth to accidently help remaining mankind to reveal it's true potential to enter golden age of prosperity and amazing spiritual uprising. When you choose to plege to help me build this worlds, i am gonna be most happy person in world, and also you can became drawn character in my universe and also you well get my insights, thoughts and videos of progress tutorials.

You can also visit my Discord sever at
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My goal is to travel a lot , i will need some money, and i honestly wish that i can made out with this project of my universes, but this is not just a travel this is exploration of customs and other visual things that i want to capture in my worlds, it would be blessing if my patrons could make it possible i will be forever thankful with my art and stories.

First country that i mostly wish to visit is US, second is Japan, and last but not least is India.

You will not only get new fresh art but also get an photo reports cause i love to take pictures a lot! And eventually throughout connections with many people i can be able to producemy universe into an animated feature.

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