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You're a very generous person if you give anything at all. I appreciate it, and you have my unspoken gratitude (market value $0).




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What's The Deal?

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page. I see Patreon for me as a kind of tip jar - you don't have to give anything and I don't expect you to. If you do give, know that I appreciate it greatly, but that you get nothing but my gratitude in return.

Nothing? Why?

I don't want to split my content into paid-for and free, even if the content exclusive to patrons is just the posts here. I know that most other creators have different reward tiers, but that's something I think I'd prefer to do on a Kickstarter project. I have plans to launch at Kickstarter around Q1 of 2019.

I essentially see Patreon not as me being paid for something in return, like merchandise or special access, but as me being tipped by a generous patron because they find value in my work.

The Goals?

I've not set any goals here because I don't want to do something, or have to wait to do something, because of the level of support I receive. I want to make my videos the best they can be, regardless of whether they make any money from here or advertisements. Money is essential for things like upgrading equipment, and that's what I'd use anything given here for, but I don't think that necessarily leads to better content.

While I am working on other things, such as an anthology of short stories, I am committed to putting up as many videos as I can without rushing them, and with quality put first in terms of how I make them.


I put a lot of work into my YouTube channel - I have no other income then what I get from there. I do have other things I work on, such as writing, which will eventually be made available for purchase.

Future Projects?

At some point, and I'm not entirely sure when, I want to try and raise money for a very low-budget movie through crowdfunding. This is something I have been planning for a while, and I am now in the early pre-production stages of making a low budget narrative film. I intend to attempt raising the money for this film via Kickstarter (or something similar) in or around Q1 of 2019, but I don't want to launch anything without a completed script, an almost completed storyboard, and probably a promo that is at least somewhat cinematic.

When I launch this kickstarter, I will not stop making youtube videos, however if the project is funded, I will have to a break from usual content for the duration of principal photography and probably a bit after. All of this, of course, is up in the air, and I'm just noting this here in the interests of transparency.

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