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Thank you! Let us put your name up in a custom frame on our wall of support and on a special block in our Greenbelt Minecraft world.
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Let's have a party! Kids love to get together for Minecraft, just like adults like to socialize with a sporting event on the big screen. Or perhaps you'd like to host a pot luck dinner?




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About George Boyce

The Greenbelt MakerSpace is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. We keep our doors open, free of charge, 6 days a week, for after-school, evening, and weekend activities. We have invested over $100,000 to create and operate our space over the first four years.

Help us get to a sustainable level of revenue so that we can continue to provide valuable activities and programs to support our mission to develop and execute initiatives that promote STEM education and to explore the application of science and technology in projects that engage and enrich local communities.
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Your gift of $30 will help us keep our doors open for full day of fun activities! If it were Wednesday, for example, you would be supporting two hours of after-school robotics followed by our evening meetup for knitters.
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