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About Gerard Lamoureux

Hello there, my name is Gerard Lamoureux and I've been in the Call of Duty Modding Community for quite some time, 4-5 years to be exact, and I've come here to share some of my work with the community. After all these years of amazing World at War Zombies mods, now is the time for Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies.... Or is it? I don't think so (might be because I can't run BO3 mod tools due to my pc but meh xD). Call of Duty World at War is where the custom zombie modding started. It's the origins of custom zombies, and it's the most well known for Custom Zombies. Now with Black Ops 3, yeah, the maps can look more beautiful, but in my opinion the old dark feeling is what made Zombies scary and that's what zombies is supposed to be, scary. I have decided that I will be creating any features that the community wants and will be released to the public for anyone to use. If you're interested in joining me on that journey, feel free to support! Patrons will get special access that non Patrons won't be able to access. As always, thanks to everyone in the zombies community for the help they've given to me throughout the years.
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When I reach $100 a month, I will provide a test version of my current upcoming map or project.
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