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is creating Teacher's Pet, a browser extension for ESL teachers
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My undying gratitude and sincere appreciation for you as a wonderful person.
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Copper PLUS Tail-fillers and travel voucher PLUS ability to alpha-test future versions
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Silver PLUS my voice on your intro video and your name in lights  PLUS early access to secret double-your-hourly-rate project




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About David Beroff

Teacher's Pet enhances your ESL teaching experience.  Its primary benefit is to inform you when your class is cancelled early. 

While there is currently no charge to use the software, there are still a lot of costs to develop and maintain it behind the scenes, and thus, you now have the opportunity to support Teacher's Pet, so as to ensure that it continues to benefit the whole ESL teaching community.  Sponsorship levels include:

For only US$1/month, you get my undying gratitude and sincere appreciation for you as a wonderful person.  Thank you for supporting Teacher's Pet!!

For only US$3/month, you get all of the above benefits, plus:

You'll get access to what I call "tail-fillers" until I can come up with a better name. :-)  These micro-lessons can help you fill up the tail of a class when you need to extend, with an intent of taking one minute each.

You will also get a one-time voucher to try AirBnB, currently worth $40 toward your first trip.

NEW BENEFIT: When appropriate, you will also have early access to the ability to alpha-test a future release of Teacher's Pet, if/when this is available.  There are zero guarantees made; this is strictly your choice, and certainly never required.

For only US$5/month, you get all of the above benefits, plus:

I will record and edit the intro/outro for your introduction video using my professional deep bass voice and professional equipment, ($99 value).

I'll also prominently display your name as a sponsor.

NEW BENEFIT: You will be able to participate in an upcoming secret project that can potentially let teachers earn twice their current hourly rate, doing the exact same thing they're doing now.

For only US$10/month, you get all of the above benefits, plus:

You'll get access to my own teacher-recruiting funnel, to help convert your referrals more efficiently.

Who is this guy, anyway?
David Beroff is a voice actor, a 360-degree photographer, a software designer, tech writer, and an ESL teacher. Someday he'll figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.
$18 of $100 per month
At $100/mo, I'll start upgrading the software to work with the new internal interface.  i.e., Make it work for 100% of us instead of just 60%.
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