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Since 2012, Ghost Cult Magazine (or has covered music from a journalistic point of view. We have done this on a shoe-string budget, with many hours of work, heart and soul, crowd sourced from a totally volunteer staff of almost sixty people from around the globe, including North America, Western Europe, and Scandinavia. Although we are known for covering a lot of rock and metal bands, we actually support all kinds of artists, from the underground all the way to major label artists. We have done such with only a little advertising, and a high level of journalistic integrity. Considering the majority of the most popular music websites are driven by huge advertising budgets, web traffic pyramid schemes, click-bait posts, and TMZ style gossip fake news; our website is both loved by fans and respected by artists for our approach which is to never be any of those things. We write about and report about the music you love, without any of the BS., the way it should be!
Some of the donated money will go to:
  1. New and improved web hosting services
  2. A dedicated server just for our website
  3. Cloud-based CDN tools, so our global website is faster all over the globe
  4. Ghost Cult merch to help promote brand awareness
  5. Improvements leading up to a new website redesign in 2017
  6. The funds to help us to bring back our beloved Digital Magazine!
  7. The right equipment to start up the Ghost Cult Podcast
And much more!

Not unlike my entire side-career in music journalism and publishing (25+ years combined), Ghost Cult is a great idea, but it needs a little more time to grow our legs as a business. We have started on the path to profitability, and have our eyes set on the future. In the mean time, we need operating costs to keep us going, and attain a greater level of success than before. We are on Patreon to get some of this money we need for these plans (it's not our only source), reward our faithful fans and supporters, and generally take this thing up a notch. We are going to have awesome rewards that more than equal the value of the money donated, and when the day comes we don't need it anymore, we won't take another cent. We promise!

More details to come!

Thanks for the support!

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