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About Ghost Gallery

Since 2006, the Ghost Gallery project's mission has been to make Art more accessible to more people - By creating a safe, welcoming environment where new and emerging artists can exhibit their work, receive feedback, and sustain their practice by connecting with both art admirers and buyers. Over the years our incredible community of artists and patrons has steadily grown; we want to maintain this evolving bridge that celebrates the value of introducing art into peoples' lives, provide useful resources for artists, and share entertaining & educational content for everyone. By becoming a Patron, you're joining an exclusive community, AND you're helping stay to afloat in this ever-more financially challenging market. Through this partnership we can keep providing a unique physical and virtual space that supports incredible artists and designers!
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When we reach 100 Patrons, we will hire someone to assist with and edit our monthly video series! This will be a great resource for artists and fans - Watch art installation time lapses, enjoy artist Q&A's (submit questions!), learn some gallery tips & tricks and other interesting, day to day goodness.
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