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Who Are You?

。I'm Natalie! I am a 25 year old digital character artist who has been working freelance several years now. It has given me so much joy to draw and design characters over the years, expressing my creativity and giving joy to others is a fantastic feeling. Delivering happiness by having fun with a character's design are what I'm most passionate about.

Why Patreon?

。In the past, I have exclusively done commission work, but found it did not give me much wiggle room to draw personal art, as most of my time and creative energy were spent on my clients. Patreon is an excellent stepping stone to enable a paycheck while still allowing me to draw for myself. I put this page together in the hopes of growing as an artist and also rewarding those who join me in that journey.

What Are Your Goals?

。For Patreon, I would love to provide rewards to the people who support me. In the future, I would like to do the typical art options, such as commission slots, invites to private drawing sessions, and the ability to vote on what I draw. It would also be nice to have a set schedule for uploads and have specific days be for specific things.

What Will My Support Do?

。It will open up the opportunity for me to give back even more. I would like to buy a capture device so I could upload speedpaints to YouTube. It could open up the option of a physical gifts tier, such as a monthly package with art goodies inside (although that's a FAR off dream). Of course, it could also potentially help me make this my full time job, giving me more time to create things for you!

Right now, however, this page is mostly to give me tips as I continue to get my footing. I'd love for you to join me along for the ride, knowing that I am totally blown away by your generosity!

HEADS UP: In order to deter bots from pledging, payment will be taken upfront. You will be charged immediately upon pledging and then the 1st of every month after that. Keep this in mind as you pledge! Thank you~!

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Wow! My first big milestone!! Thank you for all the love! With this clear interest in my creative endeavours, I'll work to create tiers that give my patrons benefits!
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