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Fully Revamped!

Welcome to my patreon. My name is Gianna and I'm a cosplayer and amateur fitness enthusiast/ pole artist.  This page has gone through a lot but it's been fully revamped! I decided to separate my training from other content. I had stopped patreon last year after a parasitic infection took away my sight for 3 months. A few surgeries and a cornea transplant later and I'm back at it!

If you're looking for personalized fitness training / coaching it's exclusively at

A bizarre adventure!

While I provide full one on one coaching I wanted to provide more content on the cosplay and fitness side of things. Something less of a commitment to people that don't have the means to dive into an entire lifestyle but still want to learn, be motivated, or just appreciate stronger girls/cosplays and want to see more!  

Not required!

I will always cosplay and I will always do training on the side. This is a personal project for me to provide all that I can and more! I love and appreciate anyone that wants to support what I do and I want to provide you with as much as I can!
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