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is creating Animation Meme and Speedpaint
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With this i could buy myself a hot warm milk to drink while animating 3>Thanks <3




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About Giang Louis

🌱Hello My Friend🌱
My name is Giang Louis and i’m an animator on youtube!
It make me feel so happy when you guys comment lovely thing on my video💓
I’m also a independent artist that’s struggling trying to make money on instagram😅
My biggest dream is to be succesful in the future so i could make my Family , Friend and all of my fan proud💓
You maybe asking , why the fluff is a 13 years old girl trying to make money for? Well my mom lost her job and she is struggling finding one
My family is not exactly poor , because my dad and sister still had their job
But it’s torturing me everyday that I can’t help my mom with anything
I don’t want to keep relying on my mom, i want to make money with my own hands

🌱 So it will mean a lot to me if you guys support me!🌱
🌱 Even 1 Dollars is already a blessed for me
$0 of $30 per month
If i reached this amount of money i will do a face reavel thanking each and everyone of u >:3 plus bonus 2 meme a week 
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