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What are you doing here, and who are you?
Hello world! I am GieTe and I create gaming related content on the internet! Most of my content is related around video games. With your support, I will be able to get new equipment and invest more time and money into projects!

My Gaming History
I've always been playing games, atleast for as long as i remember! I have had the best uncle in the history of mankind who have taught me well! My first real "Gamer" experience was playing Final Fantasy VIII and to this day this is my best experience and a game i would recommend to everyone! I then started playing Counter-Strike just before 1,6 got released, so i started in 1,5! I played CS and nothing but CS for 6 years! I went competitive in the game, and got on a team with sponsors (we never went pro). I then started playing Heroes Of Newerth during the early beta stages, and played it until it started costing money (December 2010). I then found League Of Legends through several friends and decided this was a more suitable game for me! I played League Of Legends for close to 3 years! I never got any good at it though! In 2013 i quit on League Of Legends due to the toxicity of the community, and I went back to CS:GO! I have been playing CS:GO ever since, but i visit LOL every once in a while. I now play all different sorts of games, mostly CS:GO though, and I stream as much as possible!

Life story made short
January 1993 is where my story begins. I was born into a family where the dad was always gone, the mom was always stressed, and the litterbox always full of sh**. Even though we hit some bumps on the road, we did alright, and didn't miss anything! 8 years after i got born, my mom and dad split up and dad moved, so i more or less only saw him once a month. 3 years after the split, my mom crashes our car with me and my 2 siblings, my mom stays in coma for 3weeks, my brother (13) and my sister (4) dies in the accident. But wait GieTe, what about you? Well i broke both my legs, actually they got crushed! I spent the next 1½year in hospitals and on rehabilitation centers. 4½ years after i got released and everything seemed fine, i got into trouble and moved to a new city (4hours away from any family) I decided that i needed to change my way of living! 4years living in this new city made me a new person, and I decided i was ready to move back to my family! ½year after I return to my family I started having back pains, and got fired because of my back pains. Few months after that, i was put on the street for missing payments on my house. I sold every single thing i owned except my computer! I now live with my mom and stepdad, and this is not ideal for a young man trying to figure out live and himself. I have been livestreaming since April 2014 and this has been one of the few things keeping me from giving up! I've been uploading videos of my gameplay and more on Youtube since July 2014! The amount of support I have gotten from streaming is amazing!

The End
Thanks for going through the various stories, and even more so, thanks for the support!
I hope to see you on my LiveStream in the near future!

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