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About Jason Kincaid

Professional wrestler, writer, public speaker, podcaster and YouTuber.

Just a weird kid from the mountains trying to use my uniquely unfolding life - that has made a professional wrestler out of me - to strengthen hearts and minds, to inspire, to decrease and destroy baseless-fear, to share and educate - deepen understanding for - myself and others, to wrap my mind around the mind and use that knowledge to develop wisdom, to name, to seed, to tend, to grow, to do all of that with the joy of doing it for its sake, to try my best to speak the truth (the whole truth, and nothing but the truth) to uncover the kind of love that's free from duality, to pave the way for whoever needs it, to discover the joy of selflessness, to be an emancipator, a pattern breaker and starter, to be courageous and encourage.