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About Gil Bavel

Preparing to release the forthcoming anthology, Clash of the Titles later this year--With a foreword by Paul DiFilippo!
Writers and short stories include:

Mike Resnick--The Fastest Dragon
David Gerrold--Schwarzchild Radius
Paul Levinson--Round the Bend
Robert E. Vardeman—Mach 5
Erica Allaire—Do You Feel like Calamari Tonight?
Brian Trent—Vicious Cycle of Life
Alex Shvartsman—Blood Drive
Duane R. Waite—The Worst Neighborhoods of Epsilon Eridani
Madeline Smoot—The National Association of Fictitious Characters
Josh Strnad—A Game of Chance, A Bottle of Rye
Jonathan Vos Post—Unsafe at Any Speed
Allan Dyen-Shapiro—The Bimani Hilton
Judy Rubin—They Came at Night
D. Avraham—The Tick-Tock Man
John Claude Smith—The Delivery
Patrick Hudson—Gearwheels of Heaven
Hope Ring Schultz—I've Got a Black Hole in Aisle 9
Andrew J. Lucas—The End of The Line
Keith Graham—Into Her Own
Steven Silver—The Old, Abandoned Drive-in
Claire Davon—The Stars of Rome Fell
Dylan Otto Krider—The Day Jessie Came Back
Adam Bolivar—An Ancient Tomb A-Yonder Lies—a Lovecraftian ballad
James Stegall—Down and Out in Paris, Texas
Lyn Godfrey—A Kind of Game
David M. Hoenig—Bridge Out
George Nikolopoulos—An Itinerant in Carcosa

Stay tuned for more soon!

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