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I create spiritually inspired artwork using a variety of materials including paint, pens, charcoal , chalk and clay. I create to maintain balance, to release and to learn. I channel most of my artwork meaning that I'm not sure how the image will progress.
I allow it to flow and I do my best to decifer the meaning behind it afterwards. Very often during the process I get clear insights into my life or situations around people in my life that bring clarity and a deeper understanding. Sometimes I am inspired by visions I have in dreams and meditation. And I also use my creative process to express intense emotions and clear blockages. 

I grew up in South Africa. I'm half Italian half British and now live in England. I have an awsome daughter who is also incredibly talented.

I hope you enjoy my artwork. Please let me know if any of it has meaning for you. I love hearing about how other people see my work. It teaches me a lot.

much love
Gina x 
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