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Hello! My name is Gina M, but you can just call me Gina. My Youtube channel mainly consists of My Little Pony comic dubs. I have been on YouTube for a little over a year now and absolutely enjoy what I do. I also make song covers, voice reels, and a few extra videos on my channel just for fun. I have also been involved in many collaborations dealing with fan fiction readings, comic dubs, and animations. I have worked with VA's such as TheLostNarrator, ObabScribbler, and Magpiepony, to name a few.
The reason I have decided to set up this Patreon because I need some help for this next big step in my life. I'm currently a senior in high school and have already decided on the college I would like to attend. As I'm sure all of you know; college is not cheap. There are a lot of expenses such as dorms, books, supplies, food, etc. Please understand that I'm not asking for you guys to pay off my college tuition. To me, even if this helped just pay for the price of a textbook, that would be great. Of course, your donations would not go unrewarded. Whatever you decide to give, I promise to give you something in return, hence, this is why there are rewards! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and whatever you decide to do, thank you for sticking with me!
This is Gina M, but as always, you can just call me Gina.
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If this awesome goal is met, I will set up a live stream on my channel where I'll take you through the process of making a comic dub. I will also have a chat open and answer any questions you guys have.
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