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 Access to donor channels in the Twitch Discord where you can ask me questions live on stream with a guaranteed response, or chat with other donors. 
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This tier gets you access to an ideation document I use and track to help come up with video ideas. If you give me the idea for a video, I'll verbally credit you in it once it's done!




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About Ginger


I'm Ginger. You probably know me from Youtube or Twitch if you're visiting. I make gaming footage on a regular basis and pinky promise to continue doing so. My current financial situation allows me to get by off Youtube ad revenue, but extra help from Patreon relieves some stress and helps me to spend more time focusing on content.

This isn't the sort of Patreon where milestones will dictate the quality of content I produce. I'm already trying my best to put out solid regular content, so this page is here for those of you who feel like throwing a few extra bucks my way.

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