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Anyone who is able to contribute one dollar or more will have the ability to interact with me on Patreon directly! Send me questions, comments, pictures--whatever you want. You've got a direct line to the Boss's Office.
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Get a custom command on my twitch channel! Send me a PM or whisper on twitch with the details of the command, and AssemblyBot will respond with your customized message! It can be exclusive to you, or it could be publicly available to any chatter, or it could be Patron only! It could be a shoutout to your best friend, it could be a love poem to your mother! Leave your mark on chat ;)




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About Giraffactory

I love to play video games (who doesn't!?). I make LPs on my YouTube channel, and I stream live gameplay on my Stream. I do my best to show off the games I'm playing, and to explain how they work in depth. I love to show unique and underused styles and methods in whatever games I'm playing; I believe that there is no singular way to play any game, and what is best is having fun.

I'm a huge fan of Monster Hunter, but I play all sorts of games. I'm always looking for more and different games to play. By becoming my Patron, you will be able to stay in touch with me here on my page and weigh in on decisions of what games to play both on YouTube and Twitch.

Your patronage goes towards keeping the LPs and streams constant and consistent, as well as improving the quality of the channels overall.

Check out the rewards below for more information on what your patronage can get you!
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Fifty bucks should cover the internet and electricity it costs to stream, which is what I do! This goal is pretty much just to keep the stream alive, please help me keep the stream alive!
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