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Hello Everyone! Gita Rose here, thank you for tuning in! 

I am an intuitive reader and a vocal channel for the Extraterrestrial Human Hybrid, Bella. Here on Patreon, I am excited to share channeled messages from Bella and provide regular online events with representatives from Is.a.Bell Productions facilitating questions submitted from the  community. Have a chance to chat with an ET! 

Perhaps you are becoming aware of me for the first time from this platform and are new to the idea of vocal channeling in general? Check out my YouTube channel and blog for more of my story about how I became a "biological telephone" for ET&T and how I have come to truly know, it is not what is "real" but what is relevant and of service to us that matters. Follow your heart, that is always the message. 

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I am also a certified yoga teacher and will be sharing yoga classes on here specifically tuned to assist Galactic Integration and Transformation. Yoga is a wonderful tool for all humans! And I feel also of great benefit for those of us who resonate as hybrids, contactees, and starseeds. 

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Have full access to all videos posted! Transmissions from Bella, art, and stories from her world and beyond. Regular Transmissions from Is.a.Bell Productions with facilitators Carly and Heidi. Submit your questions, statements, reflections, and exclamations and be a co-creator in transmissions and a new reality! As well as yoga classes from Gita to help ground and integrate our galactic nature. 

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