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About The GlendaLove Broadcasting Company

      Listen:    Kerlin big OT Winner!

     I am only good at 3 things here: Husband, Father, and Calling a Hockey Tilt. 

     "Life is too damn short to do what you suck at..."
      O.W. Fitz
Lady's U10 Fianle Highlights
  Hello, and welcome ladies and gentlemen to GlendaLove Broadcasting. I am your host Scotty Bonner. What a Blessing, honor, and absolute privilege it is to be here with you today. We at the GLBC are your basic ham-n-eggers who get the privilege to bring you your games
Thank you all for the support you have always had for the broadcasts of our hockey games. To hear a Grandma in Maine, an Uncle in Florida, a Family in Russia (True Story) enjoying the broadcasts truly warms my heart. This has been the biggest privilege of my life to be able to call these games, then to hear the feedback the from all families tuning in... Thank you all!
Apoligies to Wmbley
  This upcoming 2018/19 season all games on the GLBC will be broadcasting LIVE with video and audio play-by-play by the 2nd greatest hockey play-by-play guy ever. Including at least all Carolina Tarheel games, all U10 Lady Cane Games, The Jr. Cane Game of the Week, The NHL Jr. Cup, OneHockey Tournaments,Carolina EaglesHockey, Tarheel Coach's Show, Podcasts, and whomever else asks us to call their games.
All LIVE Play-by-Play brought to you with the partiality, passion, fanaticism, and the antimediocridness from your humble broadcaster that you have come to expect, love, demand and ever so deserve. Game after game, night after night, period after period, shift after shift. 
I'm Havin a Fantastic Day!
  As always, all broadcasts, LIVE, Archived, or in any other form shall always be 100% free for the friends, families, or anyone to view, download, upload, stream or whatever it is kids do these days??? Grandma in Florida, Uncle in Idaho, Boys on Long Island, Neighbors in White Bear Lake, Cousin in Canada, Friends back at the dorm, Mates in Moscow, all free, all the time on Glenda. All we ask is that you spread our broadcast as far and wide as your social medial tentacle ("NT" Big Difference) reaches, 'and let us do the rest...
Stephenson Game Winner at PNC vs State
  At our core, we will always keep hockey fun, and sweet. Unless of course, that is, if the official decides to put one of our organIzations down 2 men in the Championship affair with less than 7 minutes left... But I digress... As Mark McGwire told the Senate Committee on steroids, “We are not here to talk about the past, we here to talk about the future...“ And the future my friends is very bright.
Thank you guys for supporting this humble American Dream which just continues to be better and better. When we are doing this it's like we don't have to wake up... See you at the Old War Memorial.... OHHHHH MYYYYYYY...

"Next Goal Wins... Losers Bring The Nets In..."
Thank you,
Scotty & Jeff
GlendaLove Broadcasting Company
919 482 5947
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