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Your gracious donation goes towards supporting me and what I do. You will have access to the Patreon Feed though, which I will try my best to update with small posts now and then, as well as having your Patreon username displayed in the end credits of certain future videos.

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Your questions will be submitted to a Patreon exclusive FAQ video, you have access to Patreon feed, and your name will be thanked in the end credits of videos.




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About Glink

Youtube revenue isn't exactly sustainable or reliable these days, but luckily Patreon and services like it allow for viewers like you to support the kind of content and channels you enjoy. If you're on this page then you have probably seem my videos and maybe even enjoy watching them. While money isn't everything, it is a neat way to show a token of appreciation and support, if you can comfortably afford to do so. I appreciate any amount of support from patrons.

All patrons will be credited and thanked at the end of certain major videos in the order of highest patreonage monthly to lowest (not every video because some are more of a vlog-style, but the video essays will havbe end credits). I know its kind of petty to have an order based on the amount pledged, but I have no other way of thanking the people who donate more than the tiers allow for.

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