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Mind Your Language Season 4 is a rare gem which every fan wants to see because it is some of last few works of Legend Barry Evans and his team. We got our hands on 1 of the episode already (through a broken video cassette but rest of the content is still unreadable.... we are still trying ways to read data from corrupt and broken video cassette tape) and we will spend this amount to use every resource to get Season 4 for fans. (Only few copies of that season are present in the world right now and that too in old broken video cassette form as this season was neither publicly sold nor recorded in to modern discs)
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About Global Media

Hello, We are are Global Media and creating Legacy of Mind Your Language, Barry Evans and his Legendary cast is our Ultimate Goal.

Mind Your Language is one of the finest work of great actor with ever smiling face Late Barry Evans and his legendary Team. Global Media have dedicated their every single effort on Youtube to maintain the Legacy of Mind Your Language, Barry Evans and his entire team. We are creating Videos on regular basis and working on creating "First Ever Cartoon Series of "MIND YOUR LANGUAGE" as a tribute to Late Barry Evans & his Team.

The Life Story of Barry Evans breaks hearts of every fan. He was an Orphan, spend entire life in loneliness, didn't get deserved fame and appreciation in life, broke and worked as Mini Cab driver in final years and died in extremely painful circumstances (Still it is not confirmed that he committed suicide or he was murdered). Global Media have taken the task of keeping the Legacy of Barry Evans Alive and our Ultimate Objective is to create  First Ever Cartoon Series of "MIND YOUR LANGUAGE" along with funny videos of Barry Evans and Mind Your Language.

To Create First Ever cartoon Series of "Mind Your Language" We need your help and that's why we request you to be our Patrons. Your Every single effort worth zillions for us and we Thank-you from core of our heart in helping us paying Tribute to Late Barry Evans and his Team.

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