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🗺️ Map Wonderer
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Hello everyone. Thank you for your support!
With becoming a Global Map Wonderer, you receive access to our map.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Global PoGo family.

🎒 Pokemon Trainer
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Hello everyone. Thank you for your support!
This role is for our Pokemon Trainer's.
Having a Pokemon Trainer's role will bring you the following benefits:

VIP Chat:
- Donators

Pokemon Coordinates VIP:

- 100 vip 

- 90 vip

- 100iv-30lvl

- 90iv-30lvl

- 80iv-30lvl

- aerodactyl

- dewgong

- hitmontop

- gen 3

- gen 2

- gen 1

- regionals

Pokemon Raids:

- tier-4

- tier-5

You receive access to our map. 

Includes Discord benefits
👑 Gym Leader
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Hello everyone. Thank you for your support!
Being a Gym Leader gives you additional benefits. You have now moved passed your Pokemon trainer status and as a Gym Leader you receive the following benefits: 

VIP Chat:
- Donators

Pokemon Coordinates VIP:
- blissey
- dragonite

- snorlax

- tyranitar

Pokemon Raids:
- tyranitar

You receive access to our map.  

Includes Discord benefits




per month


Welcome to Global PoGo, we offer Pokémon GO live maps & coordinates to help Pokémon GO enthusiasts find Pokémon as well as community raiding. With over a year of experience in providing Pokémon locations we strive to provide the highest quality results. Join us today to enjoy our live maps and coordinate bots to outshine the competition!

Thank you to all our members for your continuous support.
$0 of $3,000 per month
Hello everyone!
Our monthly costs to generate coordinates and run our live map. We have spent over 7000$ in testing different ways of bringing about the best product.
Through trial and error, we believe that we have finally finished and put something of great value together.
As you may know, Google/PTC accounts to run maps are very expensive. Through scanning they have to be renewed consistently due to constant shadow bans and permanent bans. It is therefore quite costly to maintain this. We are therefore in need of you patrons to help us scan the world. 
Our goal is to attract all kinds of users. We are providing this platform for all players. We in no form or shape advocate one way or the other.
That is your right, as a human being, to play the way you like to. 
Thank you for supporting Global PoGo.
We will always take your feedback and do our best to improve on our services. 
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