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A look at works in progress (a few photo posts each month) and the occasional timelapse video of me making art.
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Monthly video blog regarding what’s happening in Gloomworld. Special announcements, studio updates and the like.

The Raffler (U.S. only)
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Your name thrown into the preverbal hat for a goal oriented raffle.

Each goal is set up with a specifc desideratum to help propel Gloomworld, as a business and as a creative pursuit, to a new level. As each goal is met, an original piece of Gloomworld art will be raffled off- details regarding the piece are outlined in each goal.



About GloomWorld

Oh! Hello there...
Thank you so very much for taking a look at this! I am constantly blown away by the support I receive from you guys - and you being here now is another reinforcement to that support and encouragement. I cannot properly articulate my gratitude 💙

So what is this about? 
I’ve always, even if just a little, tried to portray Gloomworld as this mysterious, wonderous place whose inhabitants merely exist. A universe in which a hundred different fervid thoughts come from a hundred individual creatures living their own lives. 
But, obviously, it’s not that. It’s an incredible amount of hardwork. Sweat, tears, turmoil, love. Passion, frustration, determination and confusion. And money. Now I feel like it’s time to peel back the curtain and give those who are really interested a look into what makes this magical place exist. 
Any monetary contribution is going to help us continue this journey together. But the real fun begins when I offer a peak into the makings of this stuff. 
I plan to use my various ongoing social media platforms to display finished work and help promote my art. This is a place for behind the scenes studio updates, video blogs and works in progress. A place to get to know how and what I’m up to. And! A place to get warm, fresh brand new prints before anyone else. Higher tiers will include original artwork and exclusive sales on newer, one off paintings. Each tier includes all tiers below it.
Again; thank you so much for your continued support! I’m going to do everything I can to make this experience special. Eternal thanks. Much love.

20% complete
Making and distributing art is expensive!
I’ve been funneling most of my efforts lately into putting out my zine, headaches + heartbreaks, each month. Part of the overall goal of this Patreon is to obtain the resources to allow me to get back into making art outside of h+h on the regular.

Raffler prize (see rewards) - original FRAMED 5x7 ink drawing
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