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AdBlock Forgiveness and Discord Access! Let's face it, AdBlock hurts everyone who creates on YouTube, that's why Patreon was created in the first place! At this tier you will have my thanks, and access to a Patreon only discord channel!
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Access to the Patreon feed! Which will include some behind the scenes posts, and a spot where you can submit ideas and vote on the topics of future videos!
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Early videos! When they can happen that is. I cant promise all of them early, but I'll do what I can!

At this tier you can see my Patreon posts with links to these videos.

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About Lockstin of Gnoggin

Hello all! This is Lockstin! Thanks so much for checking out my Patreon page!

What is this!?
On this YouTube channel there are 2 main series, Lockstin and Gnoggin. Lockstin is me being me, I take you to my universe where share thoughts on stuff and things. Gnoggin is the main and fancy series which looks in depth at video game lore and science and develops theories and considers whether fantasy worlds hold any realism. It's very important work, and 104% a real job KEVIN!

Geeky entertainment, often surrounded in a shell of learning is what my channel is all about! And while I am focused on gaming, other topics can rise up too. Like movies, TV, comics, and whatever the heck I want. (or you, because I take suggestions.)

Do you have a team?
Yes! Which is why we need all the help we can get! While the Lockstin show is primarily just me and sometimes the help of one other editor, Gnoggin has a small crew behind it! A team of me, 3 occasional writers, about 3 part-time editors, and even 1 full-time editor! That's thanks to the Patreon funding received so far!  The part time guys are not always working on something all at once, but they help when they can, and I like paying them a good amount for their troubles. As a result though, I've been posting some videos at a loss, meaning I lose money by making them. And even when I do make a profit, it only comes out to about me making $4 an hour, and that's before I pay those who helped me with the video.

"But then why do you make them this way then?" you may ask, and the answer is that I'm hoping that someday it will pay off, as I build a relationship with my viewers the channel will grow, and eventually every video will be profitable, (especially with the help of sponsors and patreon). In the meantime though, this is why I am asking for your help through Patreon.

As time goes on, YouTube has been paying out less and less, though it's not entirely their fault, as the competition rises, the big get bigger and the small, smaller, plus adblock has become more and more prevalent. Adblock is actually one of the main reasons Patreon was created, so that people can support creators they enjoy, while also blocking pesky ads. Ad's suck, I get it, but it's what let's me make all these videos, well that and Patreon!

So how can I help?
As much as I hate asking or even begging for money, your Patreon support is needed, and VERY appreciated! I'm honestly astonished that so many people are willing to pay for the content I make. The first reward tier is something I've seen other people on Patreon do, "AdBlock Forgiveness." Essentially at this tier you can use all the AdBlock you want and still be supporting the creators you enjoy!

There are higher tiers as well, but like I said, I hate asking for money, especially so much. Every bit helps, even if you can only give $0.50! it all adds up and lets me keep doing what I and my team do. 

But what exactly is the money used for?
Good question! and since it is your money you deserve the right to know. Patreon money, along with my other revenue streams, get put into paying my bills, and paying my editors and writers first of all. But when there is leftover funding, more often than not, I put it back into the show! But what do I mean by that? Well, upgraded editing and lighting equipment, as well as commissioning artists and animators who are far better than I to spice up the show! As you can imagine though, this is all very expensive. 

One of my stretch goals here on Patreon is to be able to hire an editor full time, Which I have done now thanks to your help and the channel growing! Also I would love to drop most sponsorships altogether, but right now they pay to keep the show running. But if I can have enough of your help here on Patreon, I can drop them! which will drastically improve the show I'm sure!

But what do I get out of it?

Well my show of which you are a fan of will stay up first of all. But you can also get access to my patron feed at Tier 2, which will include the occasional survey where I can ask you all what you would like to see in the future. Also as a Patreon supporter you can message me on Patreon, which is a much more reliable way to contact me. YouTube comments are too many to read them all now, so Patreon is the way to go!

At Tier 3 you will see early video access in your Patreon feed. Sometimes I'll have videos uploaded a few days or even a week before they become public, so as a Tier 3 supporter you can see the links to these videos, and leave early comments! (you can always be one of the first!) This way I will have to see your YouTube comment on the video, and you can even leave feedback about what you liked or didnt like! I'm still learning, and love some constructive criticism. 

And at Tier 4 you get a HUGE thank you! as well as your name in the credits, and it doesnt have to be your Patreon username, just shoot me a message of what you want to be credited as and I will happily oblige.

So have I convinced you?

If not, I understand, I don't want to force anyone into doing this if they cant or don't want to. I'm simply here asking for help. All of your support is greatly appreciated, not just here, but also your viewership on YouTube. Thank you. 

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The Starter Pack!
With this amount we can bring on more help, and actually pay a decent amount to the hard working editors that truly deserve it. 
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