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I am here to help :D

But not really .3.

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Your the KING! 

I will answer 3 of your questions

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Your help is greatly appreciated

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I have been with YouTube For 2 Years (Since 2016) And i use my Patreon to tell people more about me, learn cool things about my channel, Sneak peaks, And News/updates. Im hoping to get a lot more patreons so i can start saving money to get better things for my channel. And it would be awesome to do game reviews and etc. But I am 15 And dont have my job yet. So a little support with the channel is awesome! I Upload At LEAST Twice a week and i am always active. Every now and then I do take a youtube break so I can relax and have me time. But usually i upload here and there to keep everyone up to date

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The Reason why My main goal is to reach 75$ is, I'm saving up for a game recorder. I will be able to record my Xbox games. And Plenty of other things as well! (Like Ps4 Games And Etc) But It would be awesome to Have a game recorder in my hands for the first time and get the first ever super HD recording of one of my favorite games. And Its all thanks to you guys :3
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