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We love producing Go For Rainbow and will always do so for free. Your support will help us improve our production quality and give us the time needed to make the best show possible. We are completely humbled that people seem to really like us! We're still rocking a five-star average on iTunes! It makes us happy folks. 
Hopefully, we can entertain while chatting about an eclectic variety of games, and in a new direction, we will have a notable guest on our show each week!
Brother, can you spare a buck to support our upstart podcast? We release once a week. And don't forget you can always set your monthly maximum, to put your worried mind at rest. 
Thank you to Jack Conte's beard (and also to the inventive man attached to it.)
We love you. We love all of you exactly equally.
$7 of $50 per Episode.
While our sound quality has improved dramatically, our new co-host Dutch Mogul is still fighting a constant battle with his possessed microphone. Would love get him a prosumer grade USB mic with a pop filter, masseuse, parasol, greased pool boy... and a pair of inexpensive headphones. We think if he can only have one of these things it would be the pool boy, but we will make it clear to him that the microphone is the priority.

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