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About Goal Guys

Who Are We?
Hi! Our names are Brendan & Cam Jones, and we are the Goal Guys - 2 brothers that make youtube videos based around learning & self improvement. Whether it's a video on health and fitness, developing a new skill, or an informative stop motion piece, our goal is to make informative and artistic content that challenges all of us to live better and learn new things. Everything you see in our videos is done by the 2 of us.  From the researching, writing, filming and editing, we've been trying to balance producing Youtube content and our day jobs.  Cam works full time as freelance videographer/photographer, while Brendan works full time in both writing and scenic production within film and television. This balancing act isn't always easy, and hasn't allowed us to maintain the consistency we would like with our content. Cue this Patreon!
Get to the Point..
Though this channel started out as a creative hobby for us, we want to see how far we can take it! We love making videos and would love nothing more than to create content that is higher quality, more in depth, and is uploaded more frequently. Having your support through this Patreon would help us do just that!  Pledges from this Patreon would free up more time for us to make more content,  and all the money will go directly back into the channel whether that be in purchasing better film equipment, getting us connected with industry experts to help provide better information, or paying some of the absurd grocery bill for our next fitness video.
Anything Else?
Yes. Thank you!  This channel wouldn't be possible without your help. Through your positive feedback and support we're in a place where we'd never thought we'd be with this Youtube channel.  We've got an amazing community of people that are eager to improve and we want to fuel that desire by creating the best content we can.

So, thank you. and we can't wait to see what we can do together!

Brendan & Cam Jones 

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This will help cover the costs of our monthly challenges and video essays, as well as free up more time to create better content.
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