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About Goatshrine

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Hello! I am Alice, also known as Goatshrine, an artist living in the UK.
I am a graduate Illustrator and I have set up this Patreon to help me get me get my feet of the ground and pursue my dream of freelance art. I also want to use as a way to build a more intimate relationship with fans of my work!

What to expect
Because I have quite a wide range of interests and inspiration, I like to explore a few different genres and styles in my work, sometimes merging and combining them to represent all of the things I love. This is most often things in the realm of fantasy, psychedelia, the occult, mythology and all things creepy cute!

I will be posting more sketches and WIPs here, more-so than what you will find on my blog and instagram. I will also be offering walkthroughs and tutorials on how I create my work, with more in-depth detailed posts on my $3 tier. This is only a starting point, however! If I am able to hit my goals I would like to start introducing higher tiers which will include time-lapse videos of my work, both digital and traditional as well as getting my work made into more merch, such as more different types of prints, T-shirts, enamel pins, patches and more exclusive items which will debut first to higher tiers!

I have a lot of different projects on the go at any given time and I am very excited to share them all here! Some of them are on-going stories I want to tell with my art such as Freaky Machine and others are labors of love, such as my Tarot Deck and Arcana.

Current focus: Tarot Deck

I am in the process of making the Major Arcana Tarot Cards which I aim to turn into a Tarot Deck. The creation and making of each card will be documented here in the Tarot tag ranging from step-by-step walkthroughs from sketch to final to full-length timelapse videos.

Thank you!
$32 of $400 per month
At this point I would be able to make a living wage off my art! A dream come true. With that I would also be able to create more merch and exciting products in the future.
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