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You will be mentioned at the end of each and every Godless episode in a list! (This also goes for anyone who donates higher) This may change as time goes on, and we get a high frequency of paterons.  At that point, they will be mentioned as a new patron just once.
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You will also be mentioned on my gaming and yugioh channel at least once. Likely every episode until too many patrons are there to list.
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You may place an ad for the podcast. Whether it is for your youtube channel, show, blog, etc anything that has a webpage, we will advertise it for you on the radio show! You can even record your own ad to be used if you so wish. (Audio only) We ask that your ad isn't any longer than 10-20 seconds long, but we can negotiate. This is meant more so for internet content creators than any actual product placement and/or professional advertising.




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About Demise Avalon

My internet name is Demise Avalon. If you're here, you likely already know that. Originally, this pateron was for a live show called Roletrax. Though I do want to do that via youtube podcast, it is no longer the focus of this pateron. Neither is my non-Godless Nerds youtube channel, though some perks may involve that in the future.   

The main reason I am doing this is to fund my podcast, Godless Nerds. Without the 15-20 dollar monthly fee  paid for Spreaker, I simply cannot afford to run it while I have no job, at least outside of Youtube. We have lost the show once before. This was due to funds running out while on Spreaker in 2014-2015. Thus, we wish to reboot the whole series. The series is rebooted on Youtube. However, we do want a spreaker account too. I also have hopes to upgrade my Spreaker account to have more hours available, and longer radio shows if need be. Perhaps even having live shows, as we did once before; only this time at acceptable quality. Anything beyond that will just to be to expand upon the community built from this radio show, such as having a website, and new gear and software for the radio-podcast. For more info, read the goals and rewards! Please give, even if it is a dollar a month, any tiny bit helps!

120 was donated from my old (and horrible) formatted Pateron. All I have to say to them is, and anyone who donates going forward is

Thank you guys, you're amazing! Especially Jerry who has given us well over 300 just from the times of Roletrax. And continues to donate his 5 dollars to this day!
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We shall reactivate our spreaker account! Though we may save up the money to first buy a soundboard to properly do the show live again!
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