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I will only have one tier only for my patreon. Reason is that I want to put all my effort into this one tier, and in that case you know you will receive all that I have to offer. It will stay like this the whole year.

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Welcome to my Patreon

If you join my patreon I promise you we will make you a lots of coins per month with exclusive trading, investments and SBC tips. I have played FUT since it started in 2009 but traded since FIFA 14.

From this patreon you will get:

- Daily exclusive trading, investment and SBC tips.
- Tips from 5 amazing mods with a lot of market experience and even a few top 100 traders there (from FIFA 19 - top 100 all time traders).
- When to buy and sell, how much i rate the investment (0-10) and what to buy the players for.
- Exclusive trading tips you could make hudreds of k’s in a hour while watching TV.
- Special filters for fast and effcient trading.
- Lots of profit.
-And much much more :)

Why choose this patreon?

 I have put alot effort into the Patreon and FIFA in general and have always done for the last year. A good friend of mine (@theaguia) did a survey on my patreon asking them how much they valued the patreon from 1-5, and the average score from the 38 answers were 4.18. That is close to perfect.

Think about the value of a few dollars compared to FIFA Points, it will probably end up giving you a couple of 84s/83s. Compare that value to this patreon were you get a month of trading tips and investment daily ;)

The Mods

This year the price is higher than last year, why you might ask? That is because we added three new mods. Make sure to drop them a follow on Twitter!

@VizzFUTrader - A top 100 trader with a lot for expertise when it comes to normal flipping and Icon flipping.

@Lub_FUT_Trading - is a unique and professional trader, he is not that known on Twitter and he is definitly worth dropping a follow.

@FUT_MAST - is a proven trader that I will make a lot of guides etc with through out the whole game.

@GeorgeFUTTrade2 - are a good friend of mine that helped us a lot with filters and flipping last year. It does feel great to say that he is for another year of trading on this patreon!

@Siegervk - was also in the discord last year helping a lot with inform predictions and generally watching out for the discord

@WeaverImBMW4er - has and will help me when it comes to all the technical inside the discord, making the discord safe and helping when he can!

*Patreon goes by the actual dates of months not when you joined unfortuantely, so make sure to join as early as possible every month*

P.S! We have a Patreon bot in the discord making only the right people being in the discord and avoiding changing discord each month. In that case if you plan on leaving, make sure you do it at the end of each month otherwise the bot will kick you instantly from the discord. I have looked into this and it cant be done any other way unfortunately. Payment is also month based meaning you will get charged at the start of each month, therefore I advise to join as early in each month as possible to get the most out of the month. I cant wait to make this a another  fantastic FIFA year, hope to see you soon!

Kind regards

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