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Hello there. My name is Caleb, but I go by GogglesGuy in most places on the internet, most significantly on Mixer. My channel is https://mixer.com/GogglesGuy

I’m a gamer. I haven’t always been, and I’m certainly not the best at it by any measure, but in recent years it has become a hobby that defines me in many ways. Video games speak to me on a more personal level than any other art form, and since I enjoy sharing the things that I care about with other people, it only made sense for me to get into the admittedly oversaturated business of recording and publishing gameplay videos.

I would make gameplay videos even if I got nothing for it, but every little bit helps me to not only make videos more frequently, but to also make them better.

As a quick disclaimer, any pledge rewards listed here are subject to change, as I gain the experience and learn exactly what is feasible. Some may be changed or removed if they are too impractical, others may be added as I think of new things that I can do for everyone who supports me. But don't worry, I'll always keep you posted.
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This would allow me to subscribe to Humble Monthly, which would provide a steady stream of games to stream
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