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per insightful video.
*hacker voice* I'm in.

At this tier you'll be able to enjoy all backer-related privileges. Voting, giveaways, being part of the name pool (if I'm livestreaming games where that's applicable), the works. 

Silver Chariot
per insightful video.
Yes, it is.

Wow I guess I have to start actually doing something for those of you pledging at this level huh? How about I give you a custom-made hand-crafted (probably bad) haiku? You'll also get the Bronze rewards, of course.

Gold Battler
per insightful video.
By sharing in my name, you share in my success! By which I mean anyone backing at this tier or higher will have their name added to the description of every video I make.




per insightful video.

About Golden Battler

(the above video was made before some details here were finalized)
About me
Hi there, I'm Golden Battler, an ultra nerd from Canada with a passion for overthinking the things I love. I love to see the details and all the hard work put into Anime, Manga, and Video Games, especially in places where most people won't notice it. Taking in those details, talking about those experiences, and really appreciating the finer points is what keeps me coming back. And more recently, I've started sharing my thoughts with you guys as well.

A year ago I started this whole Youtube thing as a bit of a hobby, but since then I've realized that I love the process - so much so that I'd like to expand it into a full-time career. Whether it's making analytical videos about what makes a scene work, shining a spotlight on series that did their homework, or just shooting the shit with people on Twitch, I want to create a lot of content you'll enjoy watching, and I'll enjoy making. Hopefully, with your support, I'll be able to make that happen!

About the Patreon
Why per-video rather than monthly?
I've got quite a range of videos that I want to make. Some of them will be shorter, some of them will be longer, but ultimately, I can't promise a To-The-Day accurate upload schedule. A per-video pledge more accurately covers what I'd like to do on the channel, basically. Feel free to adjust your pledges accordingly.

What's the money going towards?
General cost-of-living purchases. Once that's sorted, I'll focus on better recording hardware/software, and other improvements to the channel.

Where's my exclusive content?
I'm not a fan of locking anything I make behind a paywall. I mean, half the reason I want to do this is to see everyone's feedback, so why would I limit that, y'know? It does mean I don't have much to offer to higher-tier pledges, so I'll understand if that's a deal-breaker for you.


I realize not everybody can support me via pledges like this, nor would I expect as much. To anyone out there who enjoys what I do, gives me feedback, or supports me in any fashion, you have my heartfelt thanks.

To anyone willing to take the plunge here, you have my sincerest gratitude. By myself, I wouldn't be able to accomplish this - but together, we can build something wonderful.
$0 of $50 per insightful video.
At this level I'll be able to start working on creating videos full-time. That means new content out much more frequently, with at least one "big" video a month (think 6 Awesome Details in Youjo Senki), and several smaller ones to fill in the gaps.
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