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Hi everyone,my name is Francesca, i'm a student of fine arts based in Italy. I'm here because i'm trying to improve as an artist,my goal is to keep doing what I love and doing it better and better each day... i'm still learning,right? My passion and love for art take me lot of time,we can say it already is a full time job to me,so if this Patreon thing is going to work I promise to always keep posting my improvements,my art and show you all my dedication to this project,which is me,because everyone of the things i'll post are going to be pieces of myself. 
if you want to donate thank you,you already have my heart,I will surely use money to buy better art supplies,pay models ecc
if not,don't look away,because appreciation and support is everything I could ask for,actually.
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I'm new here,I just would like to know if my art is worth sharing,if I could possibly make money out of it... so this is just an indicative "goal earning amount", my actual goal is to establish trust between me and you and to share the same love for art
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