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Hey! I'm Gonzague Defraiteur,

I'm a french autodidact game developper and 3d artist, i love making art on my personnal time, or tools for game engines like Unity3D, once im not taken by a job, so i had an idea, why not share my passion, showing the evolution of my art, and maybe also some tutorials, or free assets?

I'm not so good with presentations... so lets take a look at what i add from times to time, if it please you, if its usefull to you, in any way, or even give you some inspiration, remember that it would be a nice bonus to get some little donations, to keep me focused on what i love to do.

(By the way, you wont only earn my gratitude, but also some nice 3d models reserved to you, my patrons! You ll be able to use them, royalty free in any game or content that you ll want to create.)

Thank you so much for your help!



well, after some investigations, i found that you could just pretend to pay monthly, download my assets, and then stop the payments, without finally paying nothing, so i ll try to find another solution than patreon to sell the assets, 
meanwhile, i must shut down rewards, thanks for your comprehension,
my apologies for any trouble.

0 of 1000 patrons
When i reach 1000 patrons, i ll start the developpement of a brand new medieval fps/tps game, buy a motion capture suit, and some other high quality tools to help me with my job. I ll keep everyone updated and show the results in time, also there will be more and more rewards/packs of monsters/characters, and animation tutorials.
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