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About Michael Managhan (Good Guy Mike)

Howdy! My name is Good Guy Mike and welcome to my Patreon page! 

Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with making people happy. Whether it was telling jokes, doing silly drawings, or making videos. My day was made better by making other peoples' days better!

My freshman year of College, I went to a very expensive private school. When I got there, I immediately didn’t fit in. I tried to keep my head up, but I had no friends, I was away from my family, gaining lots of debt, and I felt so alone. I fell into depression and that was when I fiirst discovered YouTube. Watching YouTube gave me a little bit of joy everyday which was just enough to keep my head above water.

At the end of the Year, I transferred to a new college and rekindled old friendships and started to hit my stride. Feeling happy again, that was when I decided to give back to the support system that had helped me through so much. So I became Good Guy Mike and started my channel!

Today, I am happy, healthy, married, employed, and the proud owner of two wonderful cats!

Unfortunately, working full time, It can be tough to find free time to do YouTube. Maybe some day I will do YouTube as a full time job, but for now, it is very much a hobby. Patreon and Ad Revenue help me close the gap on what I spend on the channel. If you are in the financial position to give, I would greatly appreciate it! 
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"You are the fan that makes the Good Guys so Good!"

This contribution gives me the same amount of revenue as 300 ads! (CRAZY RIGHT!) So go ahead and use Ad-block! You no longer have to be guilty! Live guilt free good guy! Live FREE!!

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Secret Audio Tier!

You are a General in the ranks of the Good Guy Army!"

With this contribution you will get access to a special blog in which I update the community on what "Secret plans" I have coming up! Whether it is a vacation or a collaboration, you will be first to know! 

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Mike Group Chat

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With this perk you gain access to a monthly group chat (date to be decided)! During this time you will have the ability to ask Mike about plans, past videos, reflection, all sorts of stuff!

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At this level, you will get access to Mike's personal E-mail. With this Email, you will be guaranteed to be able to contact Mike whenever you need to!

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Mike Premo-Package!

"You are a God of Good Guy Mike lore!"

Seriously, if you donate this much, you will get the one time chance to pick a game that Good Guy Mike has to play at least 1 episode of!
(*Barring Inappropriate content*)

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+Secret Video Vlog
+Good Guy Mike Group Chat
+Mike's Personal E-mail

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You are the fan that makes the Good Guys so Good! With your contribution, Good Guy Mike can continue putting out new videos! On top of that, you all will feel a nominal amount of pride in helping the channel get one small step closer to taking over the web!
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