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About Judy Steidl

I am gentle peacemaker, a mediator of hearts, a community chaplain, and a teacher of Relational Wisdom 360 in a ministry called Grace Mediation.  I work with anyone who is frustrated with family conflicts, workplace dynamics, church and community issues, and relational problems that are weighing heavily on people's hearts.  Together, we find a new pathway for Hope.

So many people experience brokenness in relationships and have personal burdens of regret. Everyone who has been tangled in conflict truly benefits from conflict coaching to help unwind the issues and find a new beginning with a new story.

Not all relationships can be reconciled, but each one deserves a chapter where empathy and understanding can help heal the pain for the forward journey. You and I can help each person to see their life as a healing story---it needs to unfold so they can be set free. 

Money is often one of the stressors for people who are broken.  This is why I want to offer peacemaking at no charge and fund it solely through incoming donations.  The larger the pool of donations, the more people who can be helped.

If monthly costs are donated in advance, I can say to each person, "Someone has already donated for you, to be an encouragement, and to give you hope."  With this kind of Abundant Grace, I hope that we are reminded to pay-it-forward for each other.  It is especially important for the sad times when we need to hear that we are valued, even by strangers. 

I am so grateful for your kind donations. 
Thank you so much for your compassion and help.

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Thank you for your continued support whether large or small! Grace Mediation is funded only by donations. So, by partnering with us, together we help many broken families.
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