is creating VRChat Avatars, 3D models, Animations
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About Graelyth

As it stands this patreon is mainly just a glorified tip jar for anyone generous enough to support my addiction to vrchat. I'd hate for it to be for nothing so anyone that's a patron will have access to my discord account for any upload requests. Just send me a dm if there's any of my avatars you'd like uploaded to your account i'd be happy to do it. Aside from there's not much else I'll be offering for the time being. I am planning to start school for game design later next year  so I would like to bolster up the patreon to help pay off school and rent. Also, if you have any suggestions for improving the patreon I would be very grateful. Thanks for your support and I look forward to another year of VR with all of you!
55% complete
I'll start selling unity packages of whole avatars and prefabs as well as custom humanoid animations here on Patreon. All unity packages will come with instructions and examples on how to use them. In the case of a prefab with multiple props and animated objects will include instructions and examples for how to apply them to your own avatar.
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