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I have a blank wall in my production studio where I will place patron names (or whatever message they want) for a period of one year.  The size of the message (and the font) will depend on the size of the gift, but all will be legible to viewers.  Of course, some restrictions will apply, but they relate to the Golden Rule and Common Sense.  Nothing offensive, illegal, immoral or objectionable please, let's keep this genuine, authentic and PG-13.
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I have developed a little CAPACITOR DISCHARGE KIT that I'd like to share with my patrons.  This little, simple device can save your life if you ever work with high-voltage equipment, and it can also save your life if you work with low-voltage (but high current) equipment.  I have already produced a video on how to construct the kit, step-by-step, which I will send to my sponsors when they subscribe.




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I would like to reach a much wider audience than I do currently through my University teaching...but I also need to figure out a way to share what I have learned (and know) with other people in a sustainable way that enables me to continue creating content (which I love to do) indefinitely and still pay my (modest) bills.  Maybe Patreon can this?  I would love to be enabled to produce knowledge, fun and new information any where and at any time, which is something I am already doing now, but not for any targeted constituency, something I'd be happy to do.    I also want to use Patreon to connect with like-minded people around the world and see if there's potential to work directly with them, through this platform or in real life.  I like communicating (and working) with other curious people, and creating news things - it brings me joy.  

My Patreon earnings will be used to finance further projects, research, video production and sharing.

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I wonder how hard it would be to set up a semi-professional video production unit.  But first, I need to set up a proper capture, or pre-production video environment, to provide a really top-quality video input stream into the post-production system, which will have to come next.  To set up right, I think I will need to buy another video camera, at least one tripod and get some better lighting in place.
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